Million Dollar Dream

Okay, I get it, everybody wants that dream life, car, and home

It might sound crazy but do you have what it takes

Do you have what it takes?

Do you know where to start?

As I sit outside and gaze in the sky thinking

I realized that it’s time

Having so much fear and with all the distractions of this world

I made a choice to be different and make a change in this crazy world

Mindset shift

SHHHHH, who is this?

A million dollar dream

That turned my mind into this Million Dollar Girl


Have you ever wanted to live the life of your dreams but were afraid of the if’s and’s or but’s

I know it can be a little dificult in this society today

I look in the mirror with a big smile and remind myself that I am indeed Free

Free to be Me Entergetically

Free to explore the world

It is so many thoughts and emotions going through my head

But as a Queen you have to remind yourself of what you once said

Live life, enjoy life, and to the best of your ability

Step out on Faith and explore the world

Because you have the ability to accomplish anything you put your mind/heart to

Enjoy the moments

“Flow and Grow”

Be Brave and Bold, and most importantly

Be Free

A Beautiful Beginning

You have to pour into yourself to practice self-love

so tell me this..

What is beauty to you?

Do it come from the inside out or from the outside in?

Truth be told beauty is of an elegant essence..

“Embrace your Beauty”

I know we often doubt ourselves on how we look because of society..

In the words of Mary kay beauty begins on the inside and shines

through to illuminate the outside.

We have to love to think again

Dream beautiful and Big again

Learn something useful and remember who you are

Are you willing to make a difference ?

The world is open and have many opportunities

Do what your heart desires..

I say, go for it Queen, because you are all beautiful inside and out

Start Now

“Be Bold”

“Be Confident”

“Step out on Faith”

You are all beautiful in God’s eyes

Step out on faith and Go for your

Beautiful Dreams

Sincerly , CEO/ Boss Babe-JustKrissy

Let’s Be Honest..

We all have dreams but let’s be honest, the fear inside keep us all stuck, not knowing which way to go

One of my favorite authors who I am a truly proud consultant of, once said…

If your dreams are true for you, a good start is to plan the transition carefully

Yes, it’s a rocky road out there and we often fall into fear because of other’s opinion

We often question ourselves because we are wanting and expecting that “Big ” support

From close family and friends

But Why Wait?

“You have to go and make it happen”

Regardless of how anyone else feels

What are you willing to sacrifice to go after your dreams?

The opinions of others? Or maybe judgement of others?

I Think Not!!!

Applaud yourself, even though you know you aren’t in competition with anyone

Lift your own spirits and realize that people will talk and judge, so get out of

Your comfort zone and put away your fears and step on your dreams like a big



Pray.Until.Something. Happens

A woman who keeps her wits about her doesn’t have to choose between family and career

She has both!!!

You have the Strength and Willpower to be “Unstoppable”

Shoot for the stars!

Some of us get stuck on things that’s happening in our life that we often forget our self-care

When you believe you will achieve

Shoot for the 💫 stars

Aim high

And watch how your dreams unfold

Always wake up determined and be that 1% of the 99 that aren’t doing

You are your greatest accomplishment

So why wait, Get It done and do it with Grace!

To much is given but more is required

I’m sending each and everyone of you much love and light on Today.

Always remember to stand up with Courage and Be bold enough to shoot for the stars!

Define Yourself!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and questioned your worth?

Have you ever questioned who you are?

You do not have to live defined by your past. Don’t attach your

Life today to who you were but to who you can become.

I know we all feel unappreciated at times, but we have to find the strength to Overcome

Give from your heart

Love from your heart and most of all find Peace within

Never let your mistakes define who you are Today

See the Old You as a reflection of your past and grow from it

A new life begins when you recognize the strength you have in the old You

So today I am encouraging each and every Strong Woman to be courageous and step out on faith

And always remember to Never let your past define you, let it build courage to bring out the

New You!

By: JustKrissy

Tis the Season

To become empowered to achieve your dreams by setting goals and building momentum.

Momentum and empowerment are critical success factors in your business. Momentum is simply doing

at least one thing every day that moves you closer to your goals.

I know we all struggle with other things in life and “Trust Me” it gets hard

For every failure, there’s an alternative course of action, you just have to find it

For every roadblock there is a detour, but the key to getting over every obstacle that you hit is to go around

them and over them.

This is the season of Love, Happiness , thankfulness, joy and most of all peace

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Beautiful Beginning

Opportunity is what we create

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